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“I am still a student and always will be. I want my work to keep evolving.  I certainly don’t want to be making the same thing I did ten years ago.”

Angelica Cammarota is a trained fine artist, sculptor, and graphic designer. A successful career in the design field ingrained in her the classical keys of scale, texture, symmetry, tension, line, color, and perspective. She missed the days of working materials from the earth with her hands and returned to her roots through goldsmithing. If she understands anything about her creative process, it’s that she notices forms in nature — while traveling, for example — and subliminally absorbs them. Later those forms come to wondrous life in her work. The materials at her jewelry bench inspire, and it often feels as if the warm gold and colorful gems are muses telling her what the design should be. Education fuels her, and a constant passion to learn and discover new mediums to master in turn drive fresh ideas and creations.


“I hope some of my pieces will remain after I’ve left this world. I’m happy with the thought that I’ve left something on this earth that is sustainable and cherished by someone.” 

The work table is a place of meditation for Angelica. She can get lost in the process of making jewelry sculptures and not even notice that the sun has gone down. Crafted by hand in high-karat gold, each piece has ancient echoes while defying tradition. Its beauty stands outside of time. Imperfection is at the heart of handmade work, and this uniqueness is an inspiration for her. Coupled with the energy she gets from the lustrous gold and vibrantly glowing gemstones, it’s what makes each creation truly a one-of-a-kind.  

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